Medical questionnaire

Here are questions that you should ask to your doctor before getting aboard a balloon:

  • Have you had recent surgery ? If yes, specify the type of operation ?
  • Have you had a recent sprain, fracture or dislocation ?
  • Are you pregnant ?
  • Do you wear a prosthesis ?
  • Do you suffer from a respiratory problem ?
  • Do you suffer from a heart problem ?
  • Do you suffer from a particular psychic or psychatric problem ?
  • Do you suffer contagious desease ?
  • Are you able to step over a 1,20 m high platform with 2 footboards spaced 40 cm apart ?
  • Are you able to stand without help for at least an hour and a half ?
  • Are you able to keep your knees bent for a few minutes ?
  • Do you suffer from other pathologies not specified in this questionnaire ?