Hot air balloon wedding proposal

If you are looking for a creative and memorable way to “pop the question”, why not propose in a private hot air balloon ride ? This moment will be one of the most important of your lifetime and you want to it to be perfect. Here are some recommendations to make your wedding proposal successul:

  • Make sure that she is not afraid of heights or flying (but it should not be a problem if you travelled by plane)
  • Keep your marriage proposal sequence simple. The more complicated it is, the more things that can go wrong
  • Plan multiple dates if possible, hot air ballooning requires good weather conditions
  • Purchase the ring and place it in a secure location where she will not find it
  • Plan and write down what you would like to say.
  • Go over your speech often so you will come as close as possible to what you want to say
  • Talk discretly to the pilot and tell him when you plan to make your proposal (« Will you Marry me » banner possible at take-off)
  • Forget your speech and talk with your heart
  • Think of a « plan B » in case your balloon ride is cancelled

Don’t stress, she will say YES