Hot air balloon flight: steps by steps

Preparing for the flight

The day of the flight you will be taken to the take-off site. You will assist and participate (only if you wish) to the preparation of the balloon: installation, inflation and weighing.

Taking off

Once the enveloppe is filled with hot air, the balloon is ready to take off. Passengers can get up on board while the pilot completes his last checklist. When ready, the pilot frees the rope that maintains the balloon to the ground for a soft climbing.


Led by this huge bubble of hot air, you will evolve with the wind and discover some of the many architectural treasures and beautiful landscapes of our region


After about one hour flight, the pilot looks for an appropriate landing site. The team-members on the ground join us and help with the folding and packing. And finally to celebrate the event, champagne ! (or a soft drink if you prefer)